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MacTron Systems CC are the creators of the DADIE Business Management and CRM System.  The system is intended to aid the customers to manage their business. 

In order to do this, MacTron Systems stores and processes, amongst others, the personal information of their customers.  In addition, to deliver the desired service to their customer, MacTron Systems also store and process the information of the customers of their customers, on behalf of their customers.


  1. POPI – Protection of Personal Information.
  2. POPIA – Protection of Personal Information Act.
  3. PAIA – Promotion of Access to Information Act.
  4. DADIE  CRM – Business Management and Customer Relations Management System.
  5. Data subject – person to whom the personal information relates to, Customer, Club or Association Member.
  6. Responsible party – a party who processes personal information, Customer or User of the DADIE CRM.
  7. Operator or User – the person who processes personal information for the Customer of MacTron Systems,
  8. Personal information – information relating to a person, as defined in the POPIA, including ID numbers, email address, physical address, telephone number, bank details, biometric information, and private correspondence sent by that person.
  9. Processing – the activities, as defined in the POPIA, which include collecting, collating, retrieving, and disseminating personal information.
  10. PIC – Personal Information of a Customer of MacTron Systems, including users of the DADIE CRM.
  11. PICC – The customers of the Customers / users of MacTron systems using the DADIE CRM to manage their businesses.


Due to the nature of the personal information required for the DADIE system to fulfill its purpose, namely, to enable the customers of MacTron Systems to manage their customer, personal information collected, stored and process in DADIE can be in one of two categories referred to as.

  1. Personal Information of Customers (PIC)
  2. Personal Information of the Customers Of Customers (

The PIC and the PICC may include the Personal Information of Suppliers and the Personal Information Suppliers of Customers.

MacTron Systems stores the PIC and the PICC in a Cloud based Database within a Shared SQL server, hosted by two larger entities, specializing in and providing cloud based server storage.

All PIC and PICC is stored behind secure passwords, known only to the individual users of customers and selected technical support staff in MacTron systems.  It is unavoidable that the technical staff assign passwords due to the structure and nature of the Shared SQL server. 

Each customer of MacTron Systems shall appoint an information officer.  The information officer will be the primary user of the DADIE system for PICC.

If no information officer is appointed, the CEO or Chairperson, which is applicable, of the specific customer shall be assumed to be the information officer and deemed the primary user.

The information Officer may appoint any number of users to the DADIE system, as deputy information officers.  Each user shall be registered as a user with MacTron Systems.

Processing Limitation

Selected MacTron Support Staff may access and process PIC and PICC, during system enhancement and development or when an official request for support is received in writing, via email or WhatsApp, further referred to as, in writing, to render support of a specific problem or service required from a DADIE user.  All service requests made in writing shall be stored by MacTron Systems.

MacTron Systems will obtain consent form their direct customers to store and process their personal information.

It will be the responsibility of the customers of MacTron Systems, using the DADIE Customer Relations Management (CRM) to obtain consent form their customers to store and process their personal information.   MacTron systems will not be responsible to administer the information of PICC and will assume that all PICC of were obtained and consented in the appropriate manner according got the POPI act.

No PIC or PICC will ever be shared with a third party by MacTron Systems.  MacTron Systems wil not be responsible for the actions of staff appointed as users by the customers of MacTron systems, should they be responsible for a data leak to a 3rd party.

Purpose Specification

MacTron Systems shall obtain only the personal information of their direct customers PIC and will not be involved with the PICC, unless requested in writing by the customer of MacTron Systems.

PIC will include:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Company Name and optional VAT Number
  • ID Number
  • Email addresses
  • Cell and Landline phone numbers.
  • Physical Address
  • Postal Address
  • Banking Details
  • 3rd Party Payment Gateway information such as QR Codes

PICC Will be determined by each customer of MacTron Systems according to the need to effectively conduct their business.  According to the DADIE system, PICC may Include:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Company Name and optional VAT Number
  • ID Number
  • Email addresses
  • Cell and Landline phone numbers.
  • Physical Address
  • Postal Address
  • Partner Name
  • Partner Phone numbers
  • Partner Email Address
  • Banking Details
  • Account and Payment records
  • Private Correspondence Sent By MacTron customers to their customers.
  • In the case of a club or association
    • Occupation
    • Reasons wanting to join the organization.
    • Next Of Kin Name and Phone Number for use in emergency.
    • Being categorized as such in case of blacklisting.
    • ID Photograph

Since DADIE is a relatively young product it is still under constant development which may require changes to this document from time to time.

In addition, the above data fileds may be adapted from time to time as new needs from customers arise and will be added to this list and published on the MacTron and DADIE web sites.

Further Processing Limitation

PIC will be altered if a need arises, and the consent of customers are obtained.

PICC data fields in DADIE will be altered or added to if a need arises from a specific customer or from a new customer requiring something additional.  It will be the responsibility of the customers of MacTron systems to obtain consent for any alterations to the PICC.

Information Quality

MacTron systems will ensure that the PIC is correct.

It will be the responsibility of the customers of MacTron systems to ensure that the PICC is correct.

Upon receiving a termination letter from a customer, MacTron Systems will delete all PIC and PICC information relating to that customer.

Nonpayment, after the second month of their DADIE subscription will result in permanent deletion of a customer’s PIC and PICC information.

It will be the responsibility of the customer to delete or deidentify the PICC information of their customers or members that are no longer part of their customers or membership.


All persons whose information is contained as PIC will be kept informed by MacTron systems and all persons whose information is contained as PICC shall be kept informed about the following where applicable:

  • The source of information.
  • Why you collect the information.
  • Whether the information required is optional or mandatory.
  • What would be the result if the information is not provided.
  • Should you intend to send the information to a third country.

Security Safeguards

MacTron Systems will employ all reasonable measures to safeguard PIC and PICC.  All PIC and PICC data will be stored in the cloud and be password protected.  No PIC and PICC will be kept on a personal computer except where backup copies of PIC and PICC are stored in a password secured zip file on a non-moveable computer (laptop) in a secure location.

It will remain the responsibility of the customers of MacTron Systems to always secure and control access to PICC.  MacTron Systems will in no event be responsible for the leak of PICC data through the negligence, abuse, or inappropriate use of the PICC. 

Each user of PICC will be appointed by the customers of MacTron Systems and be registered under the customer’s profile and have access to only the PICC of the appointing customer. 

The customer shall apply for a license to access the PICC from MacTron Systems.  This each user shall have their ow logon profile and password to the PICC.  The customer or a user within the customer shall never allow or instruct a registered user to make use of the log on credentials of another user to access PICC.

User activities are logged for each user by the DADIE system.

Where there is a requirement to implement a bridge between the PICC of two individual customers of MacTron Systems, to share certain data between the two customers, the request with consent from both parties must be submitted in writing to MacTron Systems.

MacTron Systems shall notify the Information Regulator where there are reasonable grounds to believe that the personal information of a data subject has been accessed or acquired by an unauthorised person.

Data Subject Participation.

All customers of MacTron Systems have the right to request information for MacTron systems about the PIC held about them.

According to the act, all PICC information and participation will be between the Customer of MacTron Systems and their customers.

A data subject can request MacTron Systems or the Customer Of MacTron Systems to correct or delete certain PIC or PICC, whichever is applicable, which is inaccurate, irrelevant, excessive, out of date, incomplete, misleading or obtained unlawfully or to destroy or delete the record of personal information about the data subject that the is no longer authorized to retain to be kept by the applicable party.