DADIE stands for Dedicated Application with Database Integrated Engine.  This means that DADIE is dedicated for its task and does not leave the user with complicated user defined setup requirements that is usually found in many CRM and database systems.  The DADIE software range has been developed by MacTron Systems .  MacTron Systems  has been established in 1999 and is a specialized hardware, software and database development and consulting company, producing easy to use systems according to customer requirements.  Hence, MacTron Systems will be prepared to customize the program to further accommodate the needs of specific clients, within certain technical and cost parameters.  Please contact us for further discussion, if you have a specific requirement for DADIE.

DADIE functions in a Client Server  configuration which means your data is not stored on your computer but rather in a secure data center.

The Dadie DSM (Direct Sales Manager) software has been developed to serve independent direct selling consultants and assit them to effectively manage their Supplier, Stock and Customer needs.  See Direct Sales.

DADIE Members, has has been developed to assist Associations and Clubs to effectively manage membership and subs. See Members.