whether you are a small, medium or large  company or an individual running a home business, there is a DADIE for you, at a price to suit your pocket.

To see a complete one to one demonstration of DADIE, contact our Sales department and we will arrange either a meeting or a demonstration via Skype us contact us via email info@dadie.co.za

Once you decide that DADIE is for you, you will sign up for the DADIE options of your choice and we will mail the complete starter pack to you, which includes the installation program, a complete instruction manual and your personalized DADIE license, which tailors the program to your requirements and gives you access to the shared and your private sections of the secure database.


DADIE by MacTron Systems.  We are a South African software and systems development company, here to listen to you and what you want in our software.

 So What is DADIE?

DADIE manages customer relationships, supplier orders, customer orders, stock, contracts and service scheduling, by providing the customer with a user friendly, single or multi user system, operating in a client server architecture.

The DADIE family consists of a core highly customizable SQL database with specialty modules tailored for your Business or Organization.

We will partner with you, to evaluate your business needs,  and create the perfect solution for your business, through suggesting the correct suite of DADIE modules for your business. If we don't already have a module or modules  that suits your needs, we can develop the necessary modules tailored exactly to your requirements.

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Are you running your business from spreadsheets?

* Never sure whether you are using the latest version?

* Are all your formula changes taken into account?

* Is the one that you received from your colleague in sync with what you have changed?

* Not sure where you save the latest version? 

* Is your customers personal information secure, in line with the POPI act?

Avoid the chaos and change to DADIE Business Specific Solutions Today!